Pet Memorials

Memento Mori

We have experience and dedication in regards to the preservation of your beloved pet. All of our team care for non-human animals, from spiders and snakes, to birds, and puppies and kitties. We understand how hard it is when a loved one dies, and we all have stories.

If the time is coming either by surprise or by appointment, we can provide a number of services for your dearly departed friend, however we are not typically in the business of hyper lifelike mounts, there are a number of reasons for this that we will discuss below.

Full restoration

So this is when you want your baby mounted in the fashion of taxidermy. Each piece we do is completely custom and does take a lot of work. We do not employ freeze drying at this time, but there are companies out there that will. Most of our clients choose something unique, such as kitties dressed up in unique costumes and mounted in an anthropomorphic style.

Why is it so hard to find a taxidermist to work on pets?

Simply put, most taxidermists shy away from this sort of thing because the time and accuracy concerns are way above that of typical mounting. In order to produce a piece that looks exactly like your pet requires loads of photos and videos. Mammal pets have very unique characteristics that no one who wasn’t familiar would be able to catch. This is also why many people opt for the classic “sleeping” pose. Facial expressions are very difficult to replicate without intimately knowing the animal. Also, its quite expensive due to the amount of labor involved. We typically try to gear people more towards whimsy and oddity, such as a chihuahua on hind legs dancing in a tutu. Or a kitty dressed up as your favourite Shakespeare character. Not saying we cant do realistic mounts, but in our experience, the more creative the request, the more happy you will be in the end. When it comes to non-mammal critters, (meaning things that don’t exhibit as much facial expression) doing convincing likeness is much easier. However, lots of photos are required to get the results you are looking for.

Skeletal preservation

Sometimes it is much easier for people to accept skeletal and “artifact” preservation. That can be anything from a simple skull mount to a full blown skeleton in whatever pose you should fancy. We offer this service for all manner of animals, that can mean even things as small as claw jewelry. We have also had double commissions in which the pet is taxidermied as well as skeletonized. There are a lot of materials packed in our body, why not preserve it all?

Organ preservation

We also offer organ preservation, such as hearts in pretty jars, or any other thing you might think of. We do not currently do plastination, but that doesn’t rule it out completely.

Casts of paws and noses

All this real stuff a bit much for ya? Then why not go with the good old fashion cast? Death masks, paw impressions, and even noses are some of the things we have been asked to do in the past.