Anthropomorphic Rat Taxidermy

TorontoMar 28, 2020 - 12:00pm
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Want to learn some simple taxidermy techniques? Why not start with a rat? In this 5 hour workshop participants will skin, preserve, and mount a healthy sized rat. We will instruct in both natural and anthropomorphic poses. This does require delicate hands, but if you are careful, you will certainly surprise yourself and friends with fantastic sculpture!

All supplies and rats are included. The techniques you learn here will work on most small mammals. We will instruct on everything to do this on your own in the future. These critters are small enough to be preserved with borax, but we will also cover the tanning process for larger babies while you put your face on. Bring some ideas and some props to dress up your new baby! On the “gore scale” this ranks at about cooking level.