Beyond the Beef Curtains

Meat grown in labs? Why does facon need to taste like bacon? Why do we do such a bad job coming up with adjectives for the taste of various non-cow/pig/chicken meats, and who eats more grain; the mighty cow or the mighty vegetarian? This week we set the stage for a larger conversation about our food industry. Grandma’s stories about butchering chickens is quite far removed from mechanically separated chicken stars…

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Death Disposed: part 2

The stunning conclusion to Part 1 of Death Disposed has finally arrived! Unfortunately like most of our discussions there is no REAL conclusion here…but what else is new. Join us for Part 2 of a discussion about what happens to the body of the deceased after you leave the funeral…

…From leaving that pesky hookers’ body right there in the living room to rot, to watching it rot for science…AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN!

Grab yourself an expired food product of your choice and have a listen.

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Bug Life poster

The Meddling with Nature​ gang will be hanging out at  The Frameshop​ this Friday teaching old and new friends all about bugs!

Participants will be provided with an insect (choice of some of the specimens shown on the flyer) and materials for mounting, as well as an instruction booklet for home care and specimen gathering.

Voyeurs are welcome and will be have the option to become participants for the low low cost of $30!

Feel free to RSVP via the old Facebook right HERE or just show up, we’ll be happy to see you either way!

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Meddling With Nature Shorts: Barside Chats- knocked up at a funeral

It’s a bonus episode!

In the first of a series that we’re gonna call “The Barside Chats” Corinna heads out to the patio of her favorite local bar and chats with friends, Elisabeth Hieber, John Lynch and Sara Crandall. It starts with funeral tips and quickly escalates into tips on breaking the news that you are knocked up.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Furiously Happy

Very excited for the release of Jenny Lawson’s new book! We had a little bit to do with the happy little boy on the cover. ;) Its available for pre-order now on Amazon!

cover of Furiously happy by Janny Lawson

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Death Disposed: Part 1

Well, we were planning on bringing you a lively talk about death disposal… but you are getting a midpoint conversation instead! There is a lot to unpack here, so give this a listen and then tune in next week for part two.

Burial vaults advert

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Death on Display

This week we discuss Death on Display. This is part one of two  pod-casts about funerals, body donations, displays, disposal of our loved ones and ourselves. Having lost his father, Jeremy discusses some of the similarities between the work of a casualty death taxidermist and a mortician. The MWN team then explores topics that seem to cross over between one profession and the other. Mike Price was not able to be at this recording, but we have a special supplemental that will focus on his very apropos project combining taxidermy and mortuary science.

civil war embalming demonstration

A civil war embalming demonstration.

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Taxidermy Process Podcast Part Two

Merry spring to you all! Well… last time we talked, we were exploring the wonderful world of Taxidermy (as a process) so as promised, here is the 2nd half of that conversation.

opposum hanging from tree

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Taxidermy Process Podcast Part One

A toofer! This week we look at the processes involved in taxidermy from seeing something nice on the road all the way to setting the eyes and brushing those gorgeous curls. Episode one takes you down the road and up to the beginning phase of tanning.

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Economy in Art

In this week’s podcast, we discuss “art education”, a topic which very quickly careers into politics, economy, and the respect awarded to “artists”, or not.

On the show today: Nate Wessel, Mike Price, Jeremy Johnson, Corinna Young, and Dan Tarpaulin.

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