Meddling with Nature: An Introduction

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Crazy Fox Saloon gets it’s new Mascot!

16 years ago Carl Fox, a local bar owner opened the Crazy Fox Saloon, located in the historic district of Newport, Kentucky. The Crazy fox was the second bar that Carl owned, the first Rosie’s was named after his late mother Rosie Fox, and appropriately the Crazy Fox was named after his late father. The Crazy fox is more than just a watering hole, Carl Fox and his husband Terry Bond have created a space that is the true definition of a “public house“, it is the sort of place where everyone knows your name, and if they don’t, they will soon! Today you can typically find the Meddling with Nature crew sitting at the “Godfather” table in the middle of the bar, planning our next adventure or tapping away at our keyboards. We are among a very eclectic group of artists and creative types that consider the Crazy Fox a second home/family.

So, what is this about? Lets start with this… A taxidermist walks into a bar; a bar with a silly little fox as it’s logo… You see where this is going, right?!

The logo, features an obviously inebriated fox holding a martini glass. We have been told that we do a lot of cartoony sorts of pieces, but we have never really replicated an illustration like this. Of course it came with it’s challenges, including finding an appropriately sized martini glass, which you can find at the remarkably cute company, Little Obsessed. Another issue to deal with was how to interpret the cartoonish, slightly tipsy (or just simply wastey faced) eyes on this little guy.

Crazy Fox


We couldn’t just stretch the eye to make it bigger, though we have graduated eyes like gaged piercings before for different results. Jeremy decided to go with eyes with alternately sized pupils to replicate the character without making the piece look too grotesque.

Every year the Crazy Fox saloon has a huge party celebrating the anniversary, including drink specials, a whole mess of bbq ribs, and new year of wonderful memories! That seemed like the perfect time to unveil the new livingdead incarnation of the logo.

Gary and Brian grilling

Gary and Brian gender neutrally personing the grill, per tradition!

I think we did a pretty damn good job! Here are a couple glamor shots that we took prior to presenting the piece to Carl and Terry at the Crazy Fox Saloon in Newport ky.

the crazy fox

the crazy fox

And it looks like Carl and Terry were happy with the results too!

Carl, Terry, and Jeremy with the Crazy Fox

Carl, Terry, and Jeremy with the Crazy Fox

In the area? Pop on in and say hello! We love visitors!

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A Dissection, revisited

This week we ran into a few kinks with the podcast, Jeremy blames Dan, Dan blames Mike, Mike blames Nate and, Nate blames Aristole; I blame all of them. Don’t fret, my dear listener, you’ll still get your weekly Meddling with Nature fix, we put all the blame on the back burner, dug deep in the archives and found a short but enlightening lecture that Jeremy gave at a dissection years ago.

Want to know more about dissection?  Well, click HERE, to read the original post, written by Jeremy, that this audio accompanied.

Looking for a new and exciting way to spice up your next event or party? Want to us to come do a dissection, lecture or workshop for your group, big or small, We do it all! Call, or send us a lovely email, and we’ll iron out the details!

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Conversations of the Heart – Part 2

In the second half of Conversations of the Heart Nate, Jeremy and Corinna get a bit more in depth about the electric slide, consciousness, communication, and what is really going on inside our bodies. So, if you love neurons, medical studies, and the sound of Jeremy’s voice, you’re gonna love this episode!

Corinna reveals her new strategy to get listeners, that may end in her getting punched. So, tell your friends/rate us on itunes, or Corinna is gonna get punched.

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Conversations of the Heart

Follow your heart and trust your gut, this week we are going to be exploring the concept that our brain isn’t the only controlling force in our body. Maybe, just maybe, forefathers of medicine weren’t so wrong after all!

Conversations of the heart was a bit long winded so we broke it up in to two podcasts, for your listening pleasure. If part one isn’t long enough, don’t fret, there is more to come, very shortly.

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Man Crush Monday- William Harvey, Wizard Extraordinary

So, this week’s Man Crush Monday, or as you young people like to say, #MCM, is the author of “On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in animals”, physician, lecturer, and the sexy beast we like to call Harvey, William Harvey.

William Harvey

Now, I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking that I’m choosing Harvey simply because he discovered circulation in the heart. Well, that is reason enough, but let’s be honest, that was gonna happen anyway. I mean really, how long were we gonna pretend that the Galenic model of anatomy made any sense? Eventually someone was gonna figure it out. Now, don’t get me wrong, the fact that he did it when he did, that he published his findings and answered his challengers and blah blah blah, was amazing, and helped advance modern medicine. I’m just saying that there was so much more to him, in addition to being one of the smartest dudes around he was also a lecturer and held prestigious positions with weird titles that kind of sound made up like “Physician extraordinary” and “doctor of psychic”. You gotta be more than just an old egg head to be my #MCM.
Harvey was small with a round face and lively dark eyes with dark curly hair, loved literature, was an avid birdwatcher and loved a good strong cup of coffee. He enjoyed contemplating in dark caves, which is a bit odd but we’ve all got to have something to relax us after a long stressful day of discovery. Some people like yoga, personally, I like a long hot shower but Harvey liked cold dark caves, who are we to judge. There probably weren’t many yoga studios or hot sowers around in those days.
Besides hanging around in dark caves, he was a world traveler, well as much as you could be in those days. He traveled with Dukes and Kings so you know he wasn’t renting rooms in hostels and dining on continental breakfasts in dank hotel lobbys, oh no, as a matter of rumor he may have met Galileo at a Jesuit diner party. So much culture, I didn’t even know Jesuits had dinner parties. And apparently he really liked to indulge at all those Jesuit parties that he got invited to because he suffered from the gout for much of his life, ouch.

During the English Civil War, he proved his loyalty to the king and showed valor in the face of harassment from citizen-soldiers by treating wounded English soldiers and protecting the king’s children from those citizen soldiers.

Did I mention, he was a freaking witch hunter, well actually he was more like an anti-witch hunter. As a man of science, he found it easy to debunk witch claims, so he used his powers to save women accused of performing the dark arts. One report claims that he went to an accused woman’s home and told her that he was a wizard, there to talk about the craft. He challenged her witchiness, so she summoned a toad to prove she was a witch… or to show she was a toad whisperer? Anyhow, Wizard Harvey was parched from watching all that magic, so he sent that crazy witch down to the 7/11 for some 40’s of Olde English. While she was gone he decided to get to the bottom of this toad business the only way he knew how, by cutting it open. She was, justifiably, mad as a witch on a splintery broomstick when she came back to discover Harvey knuckle deep in her toad. He then revealed his true identity and his discovery that the toad was not magical and that she was a fraud. Then they sang an entertaining musical interlude… I don’t think that last part is true, but I certainly wish it were.

So, there you have it, William Harvey, defender of the innocent, world traveler, nature lover, anti-witch hunter and by all counts a sexy piece of man meat!

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Intelligence in The Animal Kingdom

Have you ever walked into a WalMart and just got the feeling that nearly every person in that entire building is somehow less intelligent than you? What is it about the culmination of experiences on this planet that has taught us this sixth sense? How is it we are able to so firmly declare our own intelligence? Perhaps it is the IQ test. Perhaps we have learned something from forcing Octopi to find bails of hay at the end of maze. Or Perhaps this podcast won’t answer any of your questions because that’s not what we do. But I’ll be damned if we don’t make a hell of an entertaining podcast.

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BugFest Cincinnati June 6th!

cicada killer waspIts time for BugFest Cincinnati!

This year the Museum Center has quite a selection of activities for the arthropod enthusiast. One of them is us! So, what can you expect from our workshop in the Natural History Museum’s STEM lab?

Apart from our fantastic merch booth in the rotunda, we are excited to invite you to a workshop on insect preservation and mounting. Guests will get full on instruction in the ways of entomological preparation, including all materials to take your very own arthropod home. We will be doing continual instruction from 10-3 on the 6th. Participants will be able to choose their specimen upon arrival, we have price ranges from 10.00 up depending on your tastes. If you have a family and want everyone of your members to participate, well… then we will trough in a few “experimental” specimens at no additional charge. And as always, voyeurs are welcome for free!

Over the course of the workshop, participants will be introduced to the art of entomological preparation, be given materials (specimen, foam, pins, and other materials) and one on one education and guidance on how to make things like this!

So what sort of specimens do we have on the slab? Choices range from many members of the beetle family, but also include remarkable specimens from dozens of families from across the world. Giant rhino beetles, iridescent scarabs, Egyptian dung beetles, thorny devils, millipedes, and of course… emperor scorpions! We have hundreds of specimens available that are ready to come home with you! For  additional information about this museum wide event, please check the Cincinnati Museum Center’s page here.

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Form-making and Pattern-making

Nate Wessel applies lubricate to Jon Wells

Discussing the relation between form-building for taxidermy and pattern-making for fashion design (part 1):

Fashionable prognostications and more discussion of the art and process form-building (part 2):

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Food As Utility

Turn the lights on. check.
Grab yourself a glass of water. check.
Get that A/C running because it’s hot as a mother elephants underbelly in here. check.

Thankfully we have all these convenient utilities to make our podcast listening time a little more enjoyable…

Now just imagine what it might be like if you could grab a big ol’ sack of bloody red steak to cook up while you listen to the Meddling With Nature crew discuss the idea of food as utility.

Hungry yet?

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