Vespertilionem in Luctum

taxidermy bat lying in state


Who will put flowers on a flower’s grave? We love the cute, and it’s so easy to attribute emotions of mourning to humans alone, with the exception of things we can’t explain; like elephants, or maybe dolphins. If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it… does it make a sound? This presupposes that humans are the only animals with ear drums. If a tree falls in the woods, does a bird get an eviction notice first?

Vespertilionem in Luctum is Latin for Bat in Mourning. While this is engineered to be a slightly anthropomorphic piece, it still asks observers to question the nature of loss, and empathize. (a talent that we humans have in spades) We see the savagery, and tit for tat nature of the animal kingdom, but often we find it difficult to see perspectives from that same kingdom. Is that because we see ourselves as uniquely equipped to deal with the big picture? Or because our over empathetic hearts would explode if we afforded the rest of creation with our same sensitivity. I don’t know, but… I am here to put a flower on a flower’s grave.