Zombies & Vampires, oh my!

Posted March 31st, 2014by Nate Wessel

A photo from some recent prop work for From Dusk Till Dawn.

From Dusk Till Dawn german shepherd prop

The second third episode is out already, and it’s quite good so far!

I’ll insist that Jeremy explains some of his process in the comments, but the task was basically this: make a german shepherd into a blood-barfing zombie dog with gaping wounds and enough storage capacity to hold a gallon of fake blood to be ejected out the mouth.

Anywho, watch the show (our puppy is in the second episode, we’re so proud of the little fella!), and Jeremy, please explain in the comments how to make a dead dog look so much like a living-dead dog. Enquiring prop departments and practitioners of the occult want to know.

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