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Posted August 24th, 2016by Corinna Young

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August 28, 2016 – It’s our 10th anniversary over the years one of the top questions asked has been “when are you going to do a taxidermy workshop in Cincinnati? Well, here we go!

How about you come on down and celebrate with us by attending a super special rodent taxidermy workshop? This is the first in a series of taxidermy workshops called “Making New Friends” that we will be hosting right here in Cincinnati and Toronto. We are offering a variety of ticket options from the 30 dollar “Looky Lou” to a couples deal, you can even tack on a kid for a discount, get em while they’re hot!

Over the course of 4 hours, participants will be provided with a mouse, hamster, or other such critter of their choosing, scalpels, gloves, and all needed materials to make their new friend. As you can imagine, we do a lot of anthropomorphic stuff here at MwN, but if you want a more natural approach, we will teach you that as well.

While most taxidermy is produced using a method of tanning that takes days, these little sweet hearts are small enough to use a simple dry preservative, meaning everyone will be able to complete their piece during the course and take their babies home with them. We have been collecting from the pet trade for quite a while now, so there is a lot to choose from in terms of specimens. And if you have a penchant for rodents with enormous tumors, we got you covered.

We will also introduce taxidermy methods for other small animals during the course, from reptiles to birds, we will discover methods that are guaranteed to addict you to the art of taxidermy.

You will be working from a whole specimen… that means you will need to skin your baby yourself, but don’t worry!  YOU CAN DO THIS! This process is not nearly as “bloody” as you might think, and as we go, you will learn quite a lot about anatomy, medical and taxidermy history.

As always, wine, beer, and snacks are included.

Look forward to broadening your horizons Cincinnati!


WHERE– Meddling with Nature – 1707 Greenup Street, Covington, KY 41011


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