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Posted July 12th, 2014by Jeremy Johnson

Skeleto MuscularFinal Saturday of the month means Open Studio time!

This month we present a live-feed from the MWN. We will be looking at the skeleto-muscular-motor system; how the kinetic aspect of our anatomy works, how the various elements are constructed, and how certain processes can go terribly terribly wrong. We will discuss the evolutionary impact of being human, and explore important adaptations of our kingdom to achieve remarkable specialization; from leaping frogs to why salmon is red and cod is white. Come join us in person at the studio, or log in to our live-feed. (more info coming soon.) We will answer questions and engage in comments as they come, both by studio participants and by our internet voyeurs! We will showcase real live examples of how fantastic a species we really are.   In an ongoing effort to explain anatomy via culinary means, we will also be enjoying dissectable snacks.

We are overjoyed to announce the participation of Cole Guillien as he demonstrates via cello how fine tuned motor coordination and body mapping can translate into phenomenally executed art-forms while explaining how virtuosos do what they do both cognitively and anatomically.



The Artist has  concentrated on how the skeleton and muscles influence the surface of a finished piece. We believe that there is so much more to this spectacular study. We will cover and discuss enough to satiate the figure illustrator, but we will also delve deeper into the physiology of muscle and bone and how all of these wild and wonderful things condense themselves into micro systems and how they manifest as the macro-system we all live comfortably in. Ligaments, tendons, skeletal muscle, the nervous system, and the cultural context that makes us each fall in love with a good Apollo’s belt.tiger-paw-large

Close your eyes, touch your nose with your index finger, now interrupt that touch with your alternate hand, now rotate your left finger a few microns. How do you do this without seeing? is it touch, or muscle memory? is it a complex motor system, or some other location method that we don’t understand? Everything is connected.

Nero Chiro 02

Why don’t we have a little get together and find out why, and see how our most basic survival functions are also the most complex of innovations in modern mechanical engineering.fox_skinning

Questions? Let us know! What to RSVP to attend in person? Simply drop by our FaceBook event page or leave a comment below!


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