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Just taking a break from not posting to keep y’all up to date on what MWN’s been working on since our last update…

But first, an introduction is in order. Hi! I’m Nate. Jeremy is the one that does most of the work here. The interns do a lot more ‘Meddling’ even than I do; I keep pretty clean. I’m Jeremy’s handler. Maybe more like a jockey. Have you ever watched the Derby thinking “I bet those horses could run faster if they didn’t have little people on their backs”? I’m his handler like that. I help steer and clean his hooves and make sure he has the right kind of hay before his gallery shows.

This is me(foreground) applying lubricant to MWN assistant, Jon Wells in a basement in Northside before a fashion show:

Nate Wessel applies lubricate to Jon Wells

I also manage/created the website here, sell feathers and skins online, and do some of the more business development stuff like writing contracts. Otherwise, I’m busy being a geography masters student, a peripatetic urban planner, freelance fashion designer/cartographer and general bohemian. I introduce myself so thoroughly as I’ll hopefully b posting more here soon while Jeremy is busy making dead things live.

Anywho, here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. A TIGER. Posing sort of like a kitty just almost about to jump up on a table. This is it’s tongue.

Bengal Tiger TongueHere’s its skin decorating a romantic dinner set for two. A little bit of tiger was on the menu as well ;-)
havint tiger for dinner
Many more pics to come.

2. Films! Did you know we’re involved in renting taxidermy through the mail? I never really put together how odd that sounds until I was writing a contract to ensure that we don’t have cats coming back abused. We will ship you dead cats in the post if your film needs dead cats. The biggest recent project, beside dead cats, was a buck that needed to be cut into by neanderthals who had caught it. This thing had exposed silicone ‘muscles’ in what Jeremy took to calling the ‘flesh panel’. I believe it may also have squirted blood, but I can’t confirm that at this time. I wish i had a picture though I’m sure I will soon enough.

3. Gallery Shows! We have a show coming up soon at the Prairie Gallery in Northside Cincinnati, opening October 12. Many new things to make and finished but as yet unseen things to dust off.

4. Website updates! I’ve been working on getting prices attached to some of the pieces displayed in the galleries, and I think we may soon even have a shop up and running to sell off some of the leftovers of the work: feathers, skins, bits and pieces. Right now we’ve got a few Argus bits here and there on Ebay. I hope to also get around to adding bio pages for Jeremy, myself, the interns, assistants, and collaborators. We also now have a, dare I commit to it, wiki site that we hope will eventually be a place to help people who are new to the art of taxidermy figure out what chemicals to use, how to paint eyes, where to find the best waxes, etc.

5. Lectures! Teaching anatomy to DAAP art students, and to Florence KY veterinarians.
huge dead dog on the slabLesson of the day: Do not let your big white dog eat a t-shirt. Because if you do, you’re likely to find that dumping it by the railroad tracks is your best disposal option when it dies and that people who are friends with taxidermists walk along those tracks and will tell those taxidermists and your beloved dog will serve as an example for the other dogs. Or maybe you just didn’t care. Did you know there is now a thriving pet insurance industry and that some say it can keep costs down better than US human insurance?


I could go on, but I won’t. In short, we’re keeping busy and hopefully y’all can look forward to quite a bit of new work pretty soon!

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