Totes MaGoats Revisited

Posted November 24th, 2015by Corinna Young

Totes MaGoats

A few months ago this post made it to the front page of Reddit and more recently he popped up on Imgur and 9gag, Totes went viral! Since then we will randomly get texts, emails phone calls and random drunk people informing us that Totes is on (insert web forum here). We love the attention and reading the comments that come along with these short bursts of fame. We try to respond to the people posting in these forums but honestly they either don’t care or think that we are trolling them.

So, here are some facts about Totes to set the record straight.

Totes MaGoats

1. He, yes he, not sure why I have to clarify this, is a goat, and a male goat IS called a ram.

2. That is not someone’s bedroom, it’s an art gallery. Totes was originally made for a Cincinnati beer festival called Bockest, after dazzling Cincinnati in the Bockfest parade, and having a couple drinks at Meddling With Nature’s favorite bar, Totes sat regally in the center of an Alice in Wonderland themed exhibit at a local art gallery, surrounded by his taxidermy friends and the colorful paintings of Bill Ross. The whole composition was called “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

3. Totes is reading Alice in Wonderland, NOT the Necronomicon. It is the Barnes and Noble Classics edition.

4. Chuck Testa? NOPE! Jeremy Johnson! I often wonder what Chuck Testa must think of this silly goat since he is constantly being blamed for Totes. I suspect he would approve!

5. Yes, Totes currently lives with Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess. Jenny is our favorite author and if you haven’t read any of her books you should, they are hilarious. As a mater of fact the newest, Furiously Happy, is a NYT bestseller, and features Rory on the cover, and yep he came from our humble studio!furiously-happy-slide

6. No the original poster on Reddit does not know Jeremy, or anyone else in the MWN crew… If they are friends of our, they should probably speak up, so we can buy them a beer. However, we will need definitive proof that you are “Philippejuvi” to get your PBR. Yes, PBR, you’ll get a nicer beer when you learn to use “you’re” correctly.

Totes MaGoats

7. We did not post that picture on Reddit as a publicity stunt. But it is cute that Redditors think we are that good at social media marketing. We do try to keep up with the posts and answer questions as they come up, and have even thought of doing an AMA.

If you have further questions in regards to Totes let us know, we’re really good at responding and love hearing from ya’ll!

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