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This coming Saturday I am pleased to announce that I am opening the studio doors again for our first open studio session in quite a long while! We will be dissecting our way through the Cardio-Pulmonary system with a Porcine specimen.

Participants are welcome to dissect right along side Jeremy Johnson, Mike Price, and Corinna Young with the option to work on your own heart. (Well, not your own heart, but one that looks really really similar.) We will be exploring not only the anatomy and physiology, but also the history that the heart has played in culture as well as medicine. Hear what the physician William Harvey had to say about circulation whWilliam Harvey and Circulationile you see with your own eyes and touch with your own hands.

The main specimen is a complete lung and heart system, but for a 10 dollar material fee, a heart specimen will be provided to you. Just wanna watch? Well then, the event is free to attend.

Photography, or recording of any kind is always welcome. We look forward to seeing you there, come armed with questions and answers!



If you have one of those facebook things, RSVP here, otherwise shoot me a message at jeremyjohnson888@gmail.com since space is a bit limited. Also be sure to tell me if you will be requiring your own heart, hearts too are limited.

 Saturday June 21st

1707 Greenup St. Covington KY

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