Food As Utility

Posted May 8th, 2015 by Jeremy Johnson

Turn the lights on. check.
Grab yourself a glass of water. check.
Get that A/C running because it’s hot as a mother elephants underbelly in here. check.

Thankfully we have all these convenient utilities to make our podcast listening time a little more enjoyable…

Now just imagine what it might be like if you could grab a big ol’ sack of bloody red steak to cook up while you listen to the Meddling With Nature crew discuss the idea of food as utility.

Hungry yet?

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Nate Wessel had nothing better to do on May 8, 2015 than to say:

How very interesting that you introduced it that way. Jeremy could tell you, if I haven’t already related the story directly, that I was once very flustered to learn that the person I was dating at the time had no idea how air conditioning worked. No idea. Never questioned it. Just a magic cold-box. That blew my mind.

But then, how much of our world do we really understand at a deep level anyway? How much did I actually know about my own anatomy at the moment I was berating him about AC?

It wasn’t Jeremy by the way. I’ve just retold the story to him too many times.


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