Crazy Fox Saloon gets it’s new Mascot!

Posted August 17th, 2015by Jeremy Johnson

16 years ago Carl Fox, a local bar owner opened the Crazy Fox Saloon, located in the historic district of Newport, Kentucky. The Crazy fox was the second bar that Carl owned, the first Rosie’s was named after his late mother Rosie Fox, and appropriately the Crazy Fox was named after his late father. The Crazy fox is more than just a watering hole, Carl Fox and his husband Terry Bond have created a space that is the true definition of a “public house“, it is the sort of place where everyone knows your name, and if they don’t, they will soon! Today you can typically find the Meddling with Nature crew sitting at the “Godfather” table in the middle of the bar, planning our next adventure or tapping away at our keyboards. We are among a very eclectic group of artists and creative types that consider the Crazy Fox a second home/family.

So, what is this about? Lets start with this… A taxidermist walks into a bar; a bar with a silly little fox as it’s logo… You see where this is going, right?!

The logo, features an obviously inebriated fox holding a martini glass. We have been told that we do a lot of cartoony sorts of pieces, but we have never really replicated an illustration like this. Of course it came with it’s challenges, including finding an appropriately sized martini glass, which you can find at the remarkably cute company, Little Obsessed. Another issue to deal with was how to interpret the cartoonish, slightly tipsy (or just simply wastey faced) eyes on this little guy.

Crazy Fox


We couldn’t just stretch the eye to make it bigger, though we have graduated eyes like gaged piercings before for different results. Jeremy decided to go with eyes with alternately sized pupils to replicate the character without making the piece look too grotesque.

Every year the Crazy Fox saloon has a huge party celebrating the anniversary, including drink specials, a whole mess of bbq ribs, and new year of wonderful memories! That seemed like the perfect time to unveil the new livingdead incarnation of the logo.

Gary and Brian grilling

Gary and Brian gender neutrally personing the grill, per tradition!

I think we did a pretty damn good job! Here are a couple glamor shots that we took prior to presenting the piece to Carl and Terry at the Crazy Fox Saloon in Newport ky.

the crazy fox

the crazy fox

And it looks like Carl and Terry were happy with the results too!

Carl, Terry, and Jeremy with the Crazy Fox

Carl, Terry, and Jeremy with the Crazy Fox

In the area? Pop on in and say hello! We love visitors!

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