Coming soon: The MWN Podcast!

Posted January 15th, 2015by Nate Wessel

Does anyone know the etymology of ‘podcast’? Are we casting pods? Are we plants? An alien mothership spawning in the Earth’s bountiful rivers? Or perhaps we’re anachronistic ironmongers in the world of modern minimalist architecture? In any case, let our pods be cast in the void, its brutal, indifferent fires stirring them to live or die in the popular imagination.

and now for an abrupt tone change, I introduce your eager pod-casters:

Corinna, Jeremy, Mike, Nate

Corinna, Jeremy, Nate, and Mike.
(Jeremy is the one with the photo-editing habit)

We’ll have something for y’all to listen to before the week is out! To listen in, you can subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed, or just to RSS for posts with audio content.

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