BugFest Cincinnati June 6th!

Posted June 4th, 2015by Jeremy Johnson

cicada killer waspIts time for BugFest Cincinnati!

This year the Museum Center has quite a selection of activities for the arthropod enthusiast. One of them is us! So, what can you expect from our workshop in the Natural History Museum’s STEM lab?

Apart from our fantastic merch booth in the rotunda, we are excited to invite you to a workshop on insect preservation and mounting. Guests will get full on instruction in the ways of entomological preparation, including all materials to take your very own arthropod home. We will be doing continual instruction from 10-3 on the 6th. Participants will be able to choose their specimen upon arrival, we have price ranges from 10.00 up depending on your tastes. If you have a family and want everyone of your members to participate, well… then we will trough in a few “experimental” specimens at no additional charge. And as always, voyeurs are welcome for free!

Over the course of the workshop, participants will be introduced to the art of entomological preparation, be given materials (specimen, foam, pins, and other materials) and one on one education and guidance on how to make things like this!

So what sort of specimens do we have on the slab? Choices range from many members of the beetle family, but also include remarkable specimens from dozens of families from across the world. Giant rhino beetles, iridescent scarabs, Egyptian dung beetles, thorny devils, millipedes, and of course… emperor scorpions! We have hundreds of specimens available that are ready to come home with you! For  additional information about this museum wide event, please check the Cincinnati Museum Center’s page here.

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