A City Deals with Death

Posted May 8th, 2014by Nate Wessel

Density map of non-emergency calls for service to the City of Cincinnati between 2008 and 2013–specifically requesting the pickup/removal of a dead animal from a public right of way.

12,381 records.

Records having a description with the string(any case):

‘%dog%’ 1,201
‘%cat%’ 2,638
‘%possum%’ 934
‘%deer%’ 1,670
‘%rac*oon%’ 2,302
‘%bear%’ 1

Description from that last one:

There is now a dead animal rotting in the house located at 1869 Ashbrook Dr. You can not see the animal from outside but the smell is unbearable. Any animal can enter the house thru several holes in the house and one apparently couldn’t get out and now it is rotting. Please do something about this abandoned property.

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