3rd Annual Art Academy Dissection

Posted November 18th, 2014by Jeremy Johnson

Just a few weeks ago we completed our 3rd dissection at the Art Academy of Cincinnati! This is yet another step to getting our fine institution closer to embracing the first ever Naturalist Arts program. This past year we have done quite a lot, and sadly in many ways we have been too busy to brag about it all, but next year, lord… We better get a dedicated Web updater because we are going to be all over the country, from local gallery shows to more university engagements and presentations to some very unique groups of professionals. We will continue to provide dissections to unprivileged youth with title funds from Forest Hills School District. We will be working with a local restaurant to provide you with “dinner and a show” on Valentines day, and so much more! But this post is about the past, I can talk about the future in our January 1st post in which I lay out our future goals and future engagements in a bit more detail. Please enjoy a few shots from Noel Maghathe and her wonderful fish eye lens! We will post more photos as we get them. (And maybe even a video if I get the time.)

Heart AAC 5x7


AAC Heart Dissection

AAC Heart Dissection (2)

AAC Heart Dissection

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