Nate is playing with a new layout for a few pages that has paragraphs floating haphazardly about.

Nate is the website administrator so really he could say anything at all about himself. But isn’t that true of anyone?

Nate is a peripatetic urban planner who just discovered the word peripatetic and likes it. He’s a geography masters PhD student for the money, and a freelance designer for the satisfaction.

Nate likes cartography and wants to use it as a weapon against cars. Cars are bad. Really, he’ll explain that to you in detail if you like; just meet him somewhere in the city for coffee.

Cincinnati Transit Blog

Nate is a ‘fashion designer’ or ‘bespoke clothier’ or something equally obnoxious. He likes shiny fabrics, leathers, and many of the things that hipsters like. He prides himself on disliking many other things that hipsters like.


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