Corinna Young

Corinna has decided that she is going to write this bio in third person, so it seems a little less like she is bragging about herself, because in addition to being beautiful Corinna is also very modest. Corinna has been crowned a king, a queen and a princess (granted, always while inebriated), so in honor of her royal status’ the rest of this bio she will refer to herself in the royal plural.

Corinna loves art, artsy things and artsy people. Our only goal in life is to be surrounded by interesting nouns that challenge our ideas of the world and our limits within the world.

Our credentials are somewhat nontraditional for the taxidermy world, we didn’t go to school for art or medicine, as a matter of fact we are a college dropout, our major, marketing. We’ve always considered our creative endeavors more craft than art. We believes our insatiable curiosity is what brought us to MWN, where we have been working with MWN for about 3 years, in one capacity or another. Our role is somewhat hard to describe, we are a “jack of all trades and master of none”. Corinna began helping out, here and there. First, at dissections and open studios (always gloved), today, we have taken our latex gloves off and gone hog wild! We’ve begun learning about the taxidermy process, are studying the beauty of anatomy, sending out tweets, and soon, we will be podcasting!

Corinna is honored to be a part of the MWN family!